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The Friday Wrap

Each Friday morning, in The Friday Wrap, we take a look at the news Friday from the advertising and marketing world and share some of the stories...along with our commentary.  Why?  Our goal is to help your business stay in business by offering up some ideas and our "insight" into what we do.  To view these stories just head to The Friday Wrap.  What stories?  Here you go!

  • JC Penny - Trouble with the media or the message?
  • Facebook & Business - It was a great's the answer.
  • Brand Clarity - What happens when your message isn't consistent.
  • Color - What logo color is key in your industry?
  • Appreciation Marketing - A pretty cool story...
  • Chick-Fil-A - It's been a bad week for the cows...
  • BYOD - Should your business encourage employees to do this?
  • Trade Show Fun - 16 Embarrassing Signs.

Once view these stories just jump over to The Friday Wrap!

Have a great weekend!


Appreciation Marketing...Works

Not long ago we had some issues with one of our vehicles and, on a Joey Outside whim, decided to put our money where our mouth was and reach out to a fellow "Tweep" on Twitter. You know, that whole ROI thing about using social media. Our Tweet went to @JoeysAutoShop

The result, in dealing with a person we "knew" through Social Media, was...astounding.  Not only great service but...superior service.  We showed our appreciation in this post about Joey Tessman and Joey's Auto Shop.

The other day we received a hand-made "Thank You Card" from Joey Joey Inside Ltralong with a couple of coupons.  The image up top is the outside of the card and the image here (click to enlarge) is the interior message and the two coupons.

This is Appreciation Marketing full circle.  Joey did a superior job.  We showed our appreciation to his attention to detail and honesty.  Joey responds with extra effort.  That, friends, is...nice.

So, the question for you is..."What are you doing to show appreciation to your customers AND vendors?"

Joey's got it



So, what are we doing with the coupons?  Going to give them away on our advertising agency Facebook Page.  If you want to connect you can leave us a note here, head to our Facbook Page or let's get together on Twitter @InsightADV.

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The Friday Wrap - July 20, 2012

Each Friday Morning we take a look at some of the advertising and Friday marketing stories you may have seen, or missed, and then add our opinion.  Our goal is to deliver to you some ideas that might work for your business, no matter the size. If you wish to leave a comment here, have at it.  Or let's link up on Twitter@InsightADV or our advertising agency Facebook Page is right here.  Ready for The Friday Wrap?  You can see these stories by going to the full post.

  • Branding Basics - Whole Foods and Tallgrass Grocery
  • Men - What they like and don't in marketing messages
  • Moms - Technology helping them become...better?
  • Social Media - Doing it right...or?
  • Is Small Better for Profits - A look at a trend
  • The Age of Discovery - Five things you should know
  • Johnston Chamber - Spending some time teaching

To view the stories here is the link to The Friday Wrap. Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful weekend and a fantastic week ahead. - Michael Libbie


Going Small...

Small can drive profit.  We believe that, and the word convenience, is Small Business what drives companies to develop "mini-me" stores.  

The trend started years ago with the building of "convenience stores" who quickly learned that consumers would pay ten to fifteen percent more on food items because it  Here in the Des Moines Metro there seems to be a Quick Trip, Kum & Go or Casey's every half mile. Some across the street from each other.

Recently HyVee, a regional chain of grocery stores, invented HyVee Gas (horrible name...BTW)) that sits right outside of their new mega-stores. Why?  Convenience and profit.  Why not take the same stuff you're stocking in the big store, move it 100 feet and charge more.  Pretty simple.

This week Ace Hardware announced they are opening up Ace Express Stores in 400 locations nationwide.  These much smaller (5,000 sq. ft) versions which will operate in existing grocery/paint stores.  Retailers who opt-in will receive incentives up to $150,000.  Smart move. (Wonder if HyVee has noticed?  Could we see paint brushes at Douglas & 86th?)

Less can be more.  Now your job is to figure out a way to make that happen for your business.  You know it's possible.  Now, get to work.



If you want to connect and leave a comment here, feel free.  Or let's connect on Twitter @InsightADV and our advertising agency Facebook Page is right here.  Thanks for reading!

What Men Like

So if you have an interest in marketing your product or service to Man Confused Shopper men...what might get their attention?  The answer to that question comes in the form of a recent article from Advertising Age about Dudes to Dads.  A couple of examples:

  • Television Advertising - 54% of men say they learn about products/services through TV ads;
  • Too Often - But a whopping 64% say TV ads repeat too often;
  • No Credibility - However 33% say both Internet and TV ads are not creditable;
  • Keep It Clean - 71% of the men say keeping an orderly house is important to them;
  • Keep It Clean II - 25% say they spend 4 - 8 hours a week doing housework;
  • Let's Cook - 44% spend 8 hours

It makes for a good read and there are plenty of take-a-ways from this. One that you should remember...  "The Bumbling Dad/Husband" ad doesn't sit well.  Here is the link to Advertising Age and the way to purchase the study material.

If you want to leave a comment here, feel free...or let's connect on Twitter @InsightADV or our advertising agency Facebook Page is right here.


The Friday Wrap - July 13, 2012

Each Friday Morning we take some time to look at various Friday advertising/marketing news and pass the information, along with our thoughts.  Insight on Business is the place to see these stories and, if you want to connect our Twitter Feed is @InsightADV and our advertising agency Facebook Page is right here.  So...before you slide into the weekend get your Friday Wrap! 


  • Getting Found - Means more than just "Ad Words";
  • What Men Like - And what they don't;
  • Get Your AXE On - The Kiefer Sutherland ad we like;
  • Brainstorming - Bad for Creativity?
  • Technology - Can it get in the way?
  • Czech That! - A tour of a rural Nebraska town...

Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend!


When Technology Gets in the Way?

The other day I wandered into a local Wendy's and saw this new drink Coke Machine machine.  Sleek huh?  The "table tents" boast that now Wendy's customers have "100 different drink choices".  One-hundred...

What technology can mix up for us.

I thought it was very cool however my Bride said, "I bet at lunch time, when there's a rush, the line gets pretty long."  She has a point.  With one-hundred different choices we suspect it's going to take longer for folks to make up their mind. Then, I think about my Mom, who is 92, standing in front of this thing looking at the choices, the lunch hour would be over before the next person in line got their drink.

Sometimes technology can get in the way.  Think about your business. What new. "cool" gadgets have you incorporated on your website, in your store, in your manufacturing facility that...while cool...can get in the way of your core business.  In Wendy's food just may have gotten...slower.

As always, if you want to leave a comment here, feel free or let's connect on Twitter @InsightADV or here is our advertising agency Facebook Page. Thanks for coming by!


The Friday Wrap - July 6, 2012

Each Friday we offer up some advertising, marketing stories you might Friday have seen...or may have missed.  Each is laced with our comment.  We call it The Friday Wrap and give you some things to think about over the weekend.  To see these stories just click here on The Friday Wrap.  This week:

  • HyVee - They Are Smiling...Again;
  • Customer Retention - We like this idea...a bunch;
  • Andy Griffith - A vintage Post Toasties ad from the 1960's;
  • Mike Rowe - The Perfect Spokesperson;
  • Rural Hip-Hop? - Kansas farm boys do it;
  • Video on the Cheap - Not all video has to be expensive to be effective.

Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful weekend.  Wasn't it weird having a "Mini-Monday" in the middle of the week?  Here, once again, is the link to The Friday Wrap.


Small Business & Social Media ROI

For all the companies who fail to see the return on investment that social Pearl June 2012 media can play here is a quick story.

This is "Pearl" our 90% company vehicle. She's a 2005 KIA Amanti (see how extravagant we are?) that we purchased...used. We've had her for three years. She replaced a Chrysler 300C by the name of "Millie". "Pearl" has been a fine car.

Early this spring "Pearl" developed a "shimmy" in the front end.  Between 15 and 30 mph the steering wheel would rock from side to side.  I knew we had to get her fixed but time...and money...slowed the process.  That was until I was getting fuel and noticed how badly the tires had worn.

What to do?

I was on Twitter sharing and learning and saw a post from @JoeysAutoShop (Joey Tessman) he was a "new follow" so I clicked on his profile and read some of his posts. He clearly "got it" and seemed like a nice guy. Took a look at his website and sent him a Tweet, "Do you do front-end work?  I have a 2005 KIA Amanti." BANG...he was back to me in minutes.  We shared contact numbers and made the appointment.

Here's where it gets interesting....

Pearl and JoeyJoeys shop isn't close to our office.  In fact he's over on the Southeast side of Des Moines so "location" was not a factor.  We liked his online style.  Joey checked everything and reported that the front end was tight and "Pearl" just needed new tires.  He then asked if I wanted her aligned and said, "If you do there's a place near here.  I can take her in and have the tires put on, wheels balanced and have her ready this evening."

Joey could have stuck me.  What do I know?  He could have charged me with extra work.  He could have given me some story about a badly damaged front end and I might have bought it.  But he didn't.  He was honest, up front and sincere.   Just like his online presence. Beyond that his customer service was first class.  He did...everything right.

Bottom line is that Social Media, done right, does amount to increased business and, more than that, a positive shout-out here and in person. Way to represent Joey!



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