The Friday Wrap - July 20, 2012
The Friday Wrap

Appreciation Marketing...Works

Not long ago we had some issues with one of our vehicles and, on a Joey Outside whim, decided to put our money where our mouth was and reach out to a fellow "Tweep" on Twitter. You know, that whole ROI thing about using social media. Our Tweet went to @JoeysAutoShop

The result, in dealing with a person we "knew" through Social Media, was...astounding.  Not only great service but...superior service.  We showed our appreciation in this post about Joey Tessman and Joey's Auto Shop.

The other day we received a hand-made "Thank You Card" from Joey Joey Inside Ltralong with a couple of coupons.  The image up top is the outside of the card and the image here (click to enlarge) is the interior message and the two coupons.

This is Appreciation Marketing full circle.  Joey did a superior job.  We showed our appreciation to his attention to detail and honesty.  Joey responds with extra effort.  That, friends, is...nice.

So, the question for you is..."What are you doing to show appreciation to your customers AND vendors?"

Joey's got it



So, what are we doing with the coupons?  Going to give them away on our advertising agency Facebook Page.  If you want to connect you can leave us a note here, head to our Facbook Page or let's get together on Twitter @InsightADV.

Thanks for reading!