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The Friday Wrap - July 20, 2012

Going Small...

Small can drive profit.  We believe that, and the word convenience, is Small Business what drives companies to develop "mini-me" stores.  

The trend started years ago with the building of "convenience stores" who quickly learned that consumers would pay ten to fifteen percent more on food items because it was...fast.  Here in the Des Moines Metro there seems to be a Quick Trip, Kum & Go or Casey's every half mile. Some across the street from each other.

Recently HyVee, a regional chain of grocery stores, invented HyVee Gas (horrible name...BTW)) that sits right outside of their new mega-stores. Why?  Convenience and profit.  Why not take the same stuff you're stocking in the big store, move it 100 feet and charge more.  Pretty simple.

This week Ace Hardware announced they are opening up Ace Express Stores in 400 locations nationwide.  These much smaller (5,000 sq. ft) versions which will operate in existing grocery/paint stores.  Retailers who opt-in will receive incentives up to $150,000.  Smart move. (Wonder if HyVee has noticed?  Could we see paint brushes at Douglas & 86th?)

Less can be more.  Now your job is to figure out a way to make that happen for your business.  You know it's possible.  Now, get to work.



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