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The Friday Wrap - July 6, 2012

Small Business & Social Media ROI

For all the companies who fail to see the return on investment that social Pearl June 2012 media can play here is a quick story.

This is "Pearl" our 90% company vehicle. She's a 2005 KIA Amanti (see how extravagant we are?) that we purchased...used. We've had her for three years. She replaced a Chrysler 300C by the name of "Millie". "Pearl" has been a fine car.

Early this spring "Pearl" developed a "shimmy" in the front end.  Between 15 and 30 mph the steering wheel would rock from side to side.  I knew we had to get her fixed but time...and money...slowed the process.  That was until I was getting fuel and noticed how badly the tires had worn.

What to do?

I was on Twitter sharing and learning and saw a post from @JoeysAutoShop (Joey Tessman) he was a "new follow" so I clicked on his profile and read some of his posts. He clearly "got it" and seemed like a nice guy. Took a look at his website and sent him a Tweet, "Do you do front-end work?  I have a 2005 KIA Amanti." BANG...he was back to me in minutes.  We shared contact numbers and made the appointment.

Here's where it gets interesting....

Pearl and JoeyJoeys shop isn't close to our office.  In fact he's over on the Southeast side of Des Moines so "location" was not a factor.  We liked his online style.  Joey checked everything and reported that the front end was tight and "Pearl" just needed new tires.  He then asked if I wanted her aligned and said, "If you do there's a place near here.  I can take her in and have the tires put on, wheels balanced and have her ready this evening."

Joey could have stuck me.  What do I know?  He could have charged me with extra work.  He could have given me some story about a badly damaged front end and I might have bought it.  But he didn't.  He was honest, up front and sincere.   Just like his online presence. Beyond that his customer service was first class.  He did...everything right.

Bottom line is that Social Media, done right, does amount to increased business and, more than that, a positive shout-out here and in person. Way to represent Joey!



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