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The Friday Wrap

Each Friday morning, in The Friday Wrap, we take a look at the news Friday from the advertising and marketing world and share some of the stories...along with our commentary.  Why?  Our goal is to help your business stay in business by offering up some ideas and our "insight" into what we do.  To view these stories just head to The Friday Wrap.  What stories?  Here you go!

  • JC Penny - Trouble with the media or the message?
  • Facebook & Business - It was a great's the answer.
  • Brand Clarity - What happens when your message isn't consistent.
  • Color - What logo color is key in your industry?
  • Appreciation Marketing - A pretty cool story...
  • Chick-Fil-A - It's been a bad week for the cows...
  • BYOD - Should your business encourage employees to do this?
  • Trade Show Fun - 16 Embarrassing Signs.

Once view these stories just jump over to The Friday Wrap!

Have a great weekend!