The Friday Wrap - July 6, 2012
The Friday Wrap - July 13, 2012

When Technology Gets in the Way?

The other day I wandered into a local Wendy's and saw this new drink Coke Machine machine.  Sleek huh?  The "table tents" boast that now Wendy's customers have "100 different drink choices".  One-hundred...

What technology can mix up for us.

I thought it was very cool however my Bride said, "I bet at lunch time, when there's a rush, the line gets pretty long."  She has a point.  With one-hundred different choices we suspect it's going to take longer for folks to make up their mind. Then, I think about my Mom, who is 92, standing in front of this thing looking at the choices, the lunch hour would be over before the next person in line got their drink.

Sometimes technology can get in the way.  Think about your business. What new. "cool" gadgets have you incorporated on your website, in your store, in your manufacturing facility that...while cool...can get in the way of your core business.  In Wendy's food just may have gotten...slower.

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