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Our advertising agency has been involved in the business of social media Jason Falls since figuring out Technorati Tag wasn't a playground game in Japan. But that's not keeping us from attending the "All Business, No Hype" program being delivered next week by Jason Falls from Social Media Explorer. Here's why your business needs to cough up the cash and attend:

Your consumers are...waiting.

Look, this ain't my first rodeo and I know most business leaders, marketers and advertising folks are failing when it comes to putting together a solid plan to maximize their social media efforts.  Why?  They have no direction and they have no idea of the ROI that can be attained when social media is done...well.

Jason will give you solid ideas, plans and tactics to use that will draw consumers to your message.  But, more importantly you'll learn how critical it is that you become engaged in the conversation.  That means actually responding to consumers.  Scary huh?

So, let loose some of that moldy money, click here and sign up for the afternoon event on August 30 at the Science Center of Iowa.  Added bonus our friends Angela Maiers and Ben Milne will also spend some time with us.

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