The Friday Wrap
The Friday Wrap - Des Moines Register Edition

Communicating Agriculture

This month we've got three great events that are meant to help us Three Fingers communicate the reality of agriculture.  Each is different but worth a solid look. 

American Agricultural Editors Association

Each year the AAEA brings together some of the best minds for a three day learning session. This year we'll gather in Albuquerque to better hone our craft.  From trade show meetings to learning better photography skills members will learn new and exciting methods as we reach out to growers and the general public.  

State of Now - Agriculture Iowa

On August 17 at Iowa State University farmers, ranchers and growers of all kinds have the opportunity to spend a day learning about how to connect, market and share information by using Twitter.  Deb Brown the organizer for the 140 Character Conference has assembled a great group, including farmers, who will present solid ideas to get you going and keep you on track.  The State of Now - Agriculture Iowa will take place in the Scheman Building.  Here is the link to get you started.

The Iowa State Fair

Imagine the possibilities when rural and urban folks get together for this eleven day celebration of Iowa. From video to blogs to Tweets the Iowa State Fair offers those of us committed to agriculture a rare opportunity to impact people with our story. For those of you using Twitter it's #IowaStateFair and @IowaStateFair is the Twitter "handle" where Emily will answer your questions and take your comments.

We'll be at them all and look forward to seeing you...

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