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Practical Target Marketing - It Matters

We share, with our clients, the value of target marketing and how it can Man Target impact their ROI.  Here is a practical example of target marketing that can be taken to nearly any product/service: Know where your customers are!

Recently we held the great Iowa State Fair.  Over one-million people visited the storied state fair grounds to chow down on double bacon corn dogs and cheese curds (my favorite).  

The Iowa State Fair has a rich history of being a premiere agriculture event yet agricultural equipment manufacturers rarely spend the time and money to showcase their products/services.  Why?  Because there are better venues in which to target growers:  Farm Shows.

That doesn't mean ag equipment is absent from the fair however, rather than manufacturer sponsored events it is more "dealer centered".  That is not the case at, for example, the three day Farm Progress Show this week in Boone, Iowa.  Over 571 exhibitors will play host to 200,000 growers from the United States and other countries. (I spotted many, many folks from Mexico and Brazil.) Here is a more in depth look at the farmer/farm show world from Rural Life Radio our ag communication blog.

This is a simple lesson to business. Go where your customers are.  Just because the local TV station has high ratings for men 18 - 24 does not mean that transfers to your demographic.  Why attend a trade show where only a fraction of your customers go?  Why start a blog and not target your consumer group?  Why not spend the time and get to know where your folks are hanging their hat?

Target your message into many different works. 

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