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Face it, the vast majority of US citizens know next to nothing about Corn Field Web food production.  It's sad how far we've strayed from "the family farm" over the past 30 years.  Those are some of the concerns expressed by professional writers, film makers, editors and social medial experts at this years Ag Media Summit sponsored by the American Agriculture Editors Association.

How deep is the disconnect between consumers and agriculture?  In my hands I am looking at a 16 page piece called "Building Trust in Agriculture" a research piece by the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance. The bottom line is that when agriculture says the sky is blue many in our society say it's black.

How did we get to this point?  Trust & Numbers

For all the good things agriculture means for the world there are those things that hound our work. For example we've recently been through the "Pink Slime" issue.  Lean Textured Beef isn't "pink slime" but that didn't keep the unknowing urban media from blasting the story and causing companies to fold and a loss of 700 jobs.  There are too many of "them" and not enough

And Trust.  We have become a country divided.  We're deeply divided on food issues, religion, politics...and why?   Money my friends.  Division creates wealth among those who would divide.  It is the business of distrust and it is growing.

So we pound out the positive stories while all the time knowing it is the negative that sells.  That's a sad commentary on our times and we can do better. Moderation does need...voice.

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