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Social Media for Agriculture - For Less than 2 bu.

What to do following several days at the Agricultural Media Summit in 140-Characters-Conference-logo- New Mexico?  Head back to Iowa and visit with farmers at the AgIowa 140 Character Conference this Friday.

Look, there may be only 2.2 million farms and 4.4 million farmers but they, just like you in your business, count on information to guide them.  This Friday seventeen of the states best social media folk will gather for a grower specific event at the Scheman Building on the Iowa State University Campus to talk about using Twitter to gather and share news and information.

The AgIowa 140 Character Conference kicks off at 2PM and each presenter has ten minutes to share his/her advice on the how, when, why of Twitter for Agri-Business.  The cost?  Less than two bushels of corn.

Join us for a great event.  To see the list of farmers and agri-business professionals who are coming to share just head to our AgIowa - 140 Character Conference page and....sign up dang it!




If you would like to connect here with a comment, feel free.  OR..head to our Twitter Stream @InsightADV.  See you in Ames, Iowa!