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The Friday Wrap - Des Moines Register Edition

Each Friday morning we sit down with some of the advertising and marketing stories you may have seen...or missed...and lace them with our opinion. It's our way to share with you ideas for your business, no matter the size.  If you want to throw us a comment you can do that here or on Twitter @InsightADV and our advertising agency Facebook Page is right here.  Let's go...

The New Apple Ads

There's been some buzz regarding these and most of it has been negitive.  Things like, "Why show consumers to be ignorant?" and "I'm disapointed in Apple.  We miss Steve!"  Here's the ad and our take:


We think most of the negatives are coming from folks who are already deeply involved with Apple products.  They have become used to the sleek and sophisticated side of Apple and this ad is anything but.  However, we think it works because...of the "great unwashed".  Look there are a slug of people who know not the difference between Apple and Android.  The consumer here isn't "dumb" but simply...the average person who just does not know.  That's the market...we think. You?

Then There is...This

FedEx just released a series of ads that point to the issue of hauling golf clubs around.  It works on so many levels. One of the interesting things was the timing. Releasing these this late in the...summer?  But, then again perhaps it's geared to the traveler who is headed south for the next business meeting?


We likey...especially the last line, "I'll get some water for those flowers..." Brilliant! Bottom line:  If you take your time with a great idea and write well...oh, and spend some money..OK?

Communicating Agriculture

In August folks who communicate to the outside world about agriculture have a variety of things going on.  Here's is the piece we wrote about AAEA, State of Now - Iowa Agriculture and the Iowa State Fair.  Actually, as our friend Glen Howell brought to our attention we've also got the Farm Progress Showin Boone at the end of the month. Thanks Glen!  Here is the post, go ahead, have a read...but...come back?

Central Iowa Bloggers - Group Think

This morning, early, a group of eight "advertising types" gathered for the monthly meeting of the Central Iowa Bloggers.  Known as CIB it's a very informal meeting where we just share...stuff.  Three interesting things from today:

Here's a little promo piece we did...once.


If you are interested in joining this motley group we meet up in West Des Moines at Panera Bread the first Friday of each month...about 7:30 or so.

OK...that's a wrap.  Gotta get back to it.  Thanks for coming by!