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Targeting The Message - Television/Video

It's The Message Damn It!

Let's play a game.  Let's say you have a boat-load of money and you're going to design a campaign to reach millions of consumers.  What do you do?  Do you look to the past for success or do you inspire with a message about today and...tomorrow? Chrysler Imported from Detroit

Go ahead think about it.

We would bet on the message regarding today and tomorrow vs. a nostalgic look backward and that is exactly how consumers are betting when it comes to sales of General Motors vs. Chrysler.  At the center of this is the General Motors campaign "Chevy Runs Deep" vs. the Chrysler campaign, "Imported from Detroit".  Consumers seem to be more in tune with a forward looking message rather than history.  Want some proof?  Here is a great article from our friends at Advertising Age that goes deeper into the story.

OK, so you don't have "boat-loads" of cash but you want to bump your sales.  What do you do?  We think you share a vision.  Borrow on the past for support but don't spend your entire budget telling folks how great you...were. Offer up a back-drop of being real and then how your product/service can look back but offer a better future.  

Nostalgia is nice for antique stores...

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