OK, We're In...Now What?
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The Friday Wrap for Business

Each Friday morning we post The Friday Wrap.  It's a piece that looks at Friday the news regarding advertising/marketing/branding and includes our commentary.  Here is the link to The Friday Wrap and if you want to leave a comment you can do that or join us on our Twitter Stream @InsightADV or our agency for advertising/communications Facebook Page is right here. Several topics this week:

  • Logos - Round One:  Did you know you could spend as little as $69 for up to five sample "custom" logos?  You can but...do you really want to?
  • Logos - Round Two: Our friends at ebay have just announced a re-do of their iconic logo.  Not much of a change but the design says much about what they were 17 years ago and where they want to be...tomorrow.
  • Pink Slime: Beef Products, Inc. of Iowa has just launched a $1.2 billion dollar suit against ABC News among others.  This will be interesting to watch for all of us in the news/commentary business.
  • Target Marketing: Let's say you want to target a specific group of consumers.  Here we show you the front, and the back-story, of how Hardee's and Carl Jr's hope to increase sales among young men.
  • A Class Act - Toyota of Des Moines brands themselves with a class act.  Nobody paid us to share this story.  We just think it's cool.
  • Re-Launch Party: This week the Social Media Club of Des Moines held a re-launch party.  We had some questions about where we go next. Here's the update in the comments section of this post, "We're In - Now What?".

Thanks for coming by.  If you want to read/see these stories from Insight on Business here, once again, is the direct link.  Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful weekend! - Michael Libbie