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Buzzing in Franklin County, Iowa

We spend time in the world of social media works.  We want...proof.  OK, let's visit about tiny Hampton, Iowa in Franklin County Harvet Tour 2011 Franklin County. (Who, by the way, scored a congressional debate last month.)

This is about creating a buzz about something when you have very little budget...but lots of friends..."with benefits".

Deb Brown & Greater Franklin County

Last year Deb (far left), who is a connected social media expert working with the The Chamber of Greater Franklin County, suggested a "Harvest Tour" and invited several of her connected social media friends to come experience Rural Iowa.  The result was loads of content plastered across many social media platforms.

Spending a fraction of what it would cost to bring in a "big name" person or act Deb was able to help her community reach out to thousands of Franklin County Harvest Tour 2011people by using social media. 

So Now What?

While, according to Deb, the general community is still working through what a "bloggers tour" is there is no doubt Greater Franklin County has caught the attention of...many.  So many that this weekend is the Second Annual Harvest Tour with writers coming from as far away as New Hampshire and public television from...Japan.  


For more about the Greater Franklin County Harvest Tour you can head to this link.  We'll be there sharing some insights.  Hey, it's what we do.


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