The Friday Wrap for Business
The SM Break Up...Urbandale HyVee

Some Urbandale HyVee Videos

Over the years I've had some video fun with my friends at the Urbandale Hy-Vee. Here's a sample:

Ever notice how one store spends lots of time in creating "a look"?  Here's a promo for our show Insight on Business from 2010:


That same year I went on a "Search for Sabra Jalapeno Hummus":


Then there was this piece we did for a fund raising event for JDRF - The Thrilla at the Grilla:


In September of this year we said goodbye to the "Old" Urbandale Hy-Vee and all of humanity was...sad:


A month later we gave you a look at the New Urbandale Hy-Vee:


Fun times kids...