Some Urbandale HyVee Videos
The Thrill Is Gone...

The SM Break Up...Urbandale HyVee

This is a tough post to write.  You see it's about "My Hy-Vee" in Woman Heart Break Up Urbandale, Iowa.  Over the years I've become friends with several of the 600 people now employed by this, the largest store in the chain.  That's not changed. We know each other, call each other by name and have a positive personal relationships.  And, yes, I still drive an extra mile to shop these "smiling aisles"

So, I'm loyal.  And, over time I've posted a number of videos...just for fun.

However, what was also a personal social media relationship has fallen on hard times. My Urbandale HyVee, it seems, has outsourced their Twitter postings to the dreaded "Home Office" and rather than engaging their followers the Urbandale HyVee Twitter Stream is loaded with blah, blah, blah...selling messages.

They got...lazy and in getting lazy My Urbandale HyVee is losing its personality.

The Double Edge Sword of Social Media

That's the trouble with social media.  Your Friends and/or fellow Tweeps get used to your "voice" and when that changes or becomes loaded with "corporate speak" you...lose your relationship.

The answer is pretty simple but, it takes work.  Outsourced Twitter Streams can work but the folks punching the keys need to remain engaged. It's called social for a reason.  That's why we recommend to our social media clients that they...NOT US...learn the best ways to make social media work for...them. But, like everything takes...time.

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