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The Goal? - Open the Offer...

We love it when our clients listen to us and create a dynamic direct mail HyVee Dog Food 1 or print insert piece that will get noticed, opened and read.  While Hy-Vee is not our client (However they should be for the social media side of things...we could help.) they do have some pretty cool advertising stuff and here is an example. (Go ahead and click on the image...they get larger.)

It's a Des Moines Register insert from this past Sunday and it begs (pun intended) to get noticed.  And, what you'll open.

While Hy-Vee could have opted to send out a flat piece the die-cut makes it stand out...and that's what you want.  

HyVee Dog Food 2Inside there is plenty of room for specials and pricing. However, because it's so darn cute I wonder if folks will cut out the coupons?

A piece like this isn't cheap to design, however stock photos help.  And it's not inexpensive print.  But, remember we want people to notice and then open your direct mail or insert and this piece shows the way.  HyVee Dog Food 3

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