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The Thrill Is Gone...

Back in 1970 B.B. King had a major hit with "The Thrill Is Gone".  It was a different song for him and it became the biggest hit of his career. (In case you don't know the's a clip from 2009.)


Why was it such a major hit?  Because it truly was...different.  B.B. incorporated strings into a blues number...and he added his trademark soul to the 1951 song...years later.

I often wonder how many folks get up in the morning and hope somebody notices their business/product/service and makes the decision to buy something.  For many "the thrill is gone" and they are just going through the motions.  Their marketing ideas are old, they rely on the same old media and their message is stale.  

We see it all the time...  But, you can fix this in an instant, if you want.

Far too often business people look at their product/service through their eyes.  It's the same eyes that may have created the business model, invented the product and/or designed the advertising.  No wonder "the thrill is gone".

You've got to have fresh eyes and ears to see and hear what the consumer is really asking for.  Some years ago our friend Michael Wagner shared with us the three reasons a business fails:

  • Wrong Facility - The brick/mortar can't support new ideas;
  • Wrong People - The folks doing the work are simply wrong for the job;
  • Wrong Product - What you are selling...nobody wants or at least fewer people see it as relevant. 

It's a tough spot to be in and unless the business seeks new input things continue to fade and truly "the thrill is...gone".

So, what can you do?

Think like a consumer.  Step away from the manufacturing/selling/doing and think.  What is it that the consumer really wants and can you supply that demand?  This is where we think the thrill comes back. When new eyes and ears look at what your business is producing and comes back with...ideas.  

Ideas keep the thrill alive...

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