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Ever Get That Feeling...

Ever get that feeling that "way too much is going on"?  We're not talking MPL Twelve Thirty about business, we treasure each and every assignment.  We're talking about the "other stuff" in our lives.  Once upon a time we would learn the news/information through the evening paper and an hour of national and local news.  Bam...that was...that.

Today we have a constant stream of information coming to us from a vast network of sources so it is critical, we think, to adjust our "input schedule".  How?  Simple, time/information management:

  • Turn it off. Rather than having Facebook/Twitter/CNN/FOX/MSNBC open all the time schedule 15 to 20 minute breaks and run a check on interest points and then get back to whatever task you have going;
  • Keep your "active list" updated. In other words constantly refer to your list of projects to make sure you're on track;
  • Avoid the argument. We see lots of time suck in online arguments using social media...avoid them like the plague.  Nothing gets accomplished here;
  • Focus on you. Your family, your job, your clients, your work, your house of worship...enjoy a little already.

And we're cutting this short so you can get back

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