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Just Stop It...Twitter - Our Insight

We love us our Twitter Streams.  Each day we use Twitter for personal and Stop Image business reasons to learn, teach and talk with people all over the world.  It's an amazing tool. 

Often we head back and check on folks who have followed our stream so we can, if they are active, follow them...back.  And there is the rub.  "Active".  We've seen it all, "Social Media Experts" who post once a day or once a week. "Advertising Agencies" who talk social media but do little.  Writers, photographers, voice talent, businesses, marketing "gurus" all, at one time, get the urge to use Twitter for Business but...fail.  Always selling or never engaging.

So...stop it.  Please.  If you honestly don't get it...stop.  Delete your Twitter Stream and quit.  Or...

If you really want to figure this out get some help.  Learn how to incorporate Twitter into your Blog or Facebook or LinkedIn or YouTube...the choices are here.  But, in the end we understand why it doesn't work for you.  Because it takes...work.  It's not magic.  It isn't broadcasting.  And, it can't be outsourced with great rewards.

What do you think.  Go ahead, take a shot.  Let us know where we're missing the boat...your turn.