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I am so sorry!  I was a "Twitter Grump" yesterday as I begged folks who Sorry Puppy have a Twitter Stream, but fail to use it correctly, to just turn if off and stop:  "Just Stop It Twitter - Our Insight".

I'm better today.  So let me help you with some ways that can turn your Twitter Stream into a useful tool for business:

  1. Fill Out Your Profile - Give us an idea of who you are and what you want to do.  Use your photo, if possible, or at least your name so we know you are...real;
  2. Where Are You - Give us a city, state or a state of mind...something besides longitude and latitude.  Our geography ain't that good;
  3. Link - Link your profile to your blog, Facebook account or at the least your website.  We might want to find out more about you;
  4. Search - Look for customers, clients, folks in your area so you can follow their ACTIVE Twitter Streams.  You'll learn so much about the consumer you are trying to reach;
  5. Share Thoughts - We know some folks who clog their Twitter Streams with quotes of other people.  Come on...you MUST have an original thought or two.  Share it;
  6. Remember Mom - Write stuff that would not be offensive to...Mom.  You and your career will thank us for that thousands of times;
  7. Stop Selling - We call it the 80/20 Rule: 80% of your Tweets should be about the news, what you think, what you are doing, where you are going, what you like, who impresses you, re-Tweets that mirror your thoughts;
  8. Respond - If somebody Tweets you or re-Tweets one of your posts say..."Thank you".  Remember we want to know you are human and not a bot;
  9. Be Silly - Hey, it's OK.  You've got 140 Characters you can be fun...just like you were in the bar last night.  (OK, see #6);
  10. Post Photos - Folks like to see what you are seeing and doing.  It adds a dimension to your...life.
  11. BONUS - IF you have a Twitter Account...use it?  And maybe more than just during business hours.  Schedule kids...

OK?  I feel so much better now.  I give you permission to engage!




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