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We Can Learn Much By...Listening

Those of us working in the world of advertising and marketing are quick to offer our (wonderful) ideas to just about anybody who will listen.  Over the years we've learned it is far better to shut up...and listen to the WH Chamber Jan 2013 conversation around you.  But do other folks...get it?

This afternoon I was in a small group of business people from the Windsor Heights Chamber.  Each person around the room introduced themselves and gave a little story about their business.  There was a common thread in each:

"We go beyond simply offering a product or service."  Nearly everybody there spoke about what they do and then shared what they really do is...listen to their customers/clients/consumers and then tailor what they offer to the unique needs of folks buying what they are selling.

Put names on speciality items? Check! "We like to go beyond just taking an order and we ask questions about where these items are going to be used, who is the target audience and what message does the consumer expect." Chris Gregersen, Premium Solutions.

Bake Cakes for folks? Check! "I've learned, over the years that our clients need to talk first.  We listen to what they want and then suggest, in a very friendly manner what changes they might make to be happier with the final product." Gloria Olson, Glorious Desserts.

Write and sell advertising? Check! "We take our time to sit down and listen to our customers. Even if they have a tiny budget perhaps there is someway in which we can help them.  We don't push, we listen." Jolene Goodman, Iowa Living Magazines.

Pinch me!!! It could be real! 




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