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Go Mobile or Go Away

For several years we've shared with our clients (and anybody else who  Mobile graph  would listen) the importance of creating a mobile version of your website.  We had watched as more and more people used phones to tablets to access web information and read the surveys which say by 2014 mobile internet search/use will overtake desktop.  And, if you are not ready...that could be very bad.

Below are two images.  The first is non-mobile.   Go ahead...wanna call them?  You've got to pinch, enlarge and seek.  Not a good first impression for any business.

So the message continues to be clear...go mobile or...go away.  

What should your mobile platform include?  We think:

  • WHO - Who are you?  Think "About Us" only much shorter.  You Photodon't  have to re-write "War and Peace" to tell potential users who the heck you are.  Keep it to under 75 words;
  • WHAT - What is it you are doing?  What are you selling?  What is it that you want other to know?  That also takes just a few words;  
  • WHERE - Where are you?  If you are a eating establishment where are you located (with a map).  If you are retail, where are you. Etc.
  • CONTACT - The MOST critical of the mobile site items.  Nothing  happens until somebody make contact with your business.  Contact should include the ability to call directly from your mobile site and the ability to send an email. Photo 2 Remember, they are looking at you on a "phone".  That contact button (just out of sight on this screen shot) allows you to phone them or send an e-mail directly from;
  • OTHER? - Other nice items you might want to include may be a video link so folks can see your video presentations and a link to your blog so folks can read that. 

It once cost several thousand dollars to create a mobile site...not anymore.  But, as always, buyer beware.  Free is not always...good.



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