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The Emotional Connection

In our advertising seminar "Five in Twenty-Four" we share with Clock Face 2 attendees the five things a business can do in twenty-four hours to better engage consumers and sell more of their product/service.

Item #5 speaks to "Effective Advertising".  We think it's silly to buy space in print or time in radio/television or web and then forget about the creative aspect of advertising.  Survey after survey suggest "creative ads" are 11 times more effective than advertising which is "free" or "thrown together".  In other words, if you buy $3,000 worth of space/time wouldn't you want your message to be...effective?  If you do...that takes work.

And, when we talk about effective ads "emotional" ads out perform "rational" ads by a large margin.  Want proof?

Last week the top ads, ranked by the USA TODAY'S Ad Meter were:

  1. Horse & Trainer Reunited (Budweiser) - :60 Score 7.76
  2. Miracle Stain (Tide) - :60 Score 7.75
  3. Farmers (RAM) - 1:20 Score 7.43
  4. Fashionista Dad - (Doritos) - :30 Score 7.27
  5. Families Waiting - (JEEP) - 1:20 Score 7.20

All were very creative and three out of the five tugged at the heartstrings and memories of viewers.

The bottom line is this:  The next time you are considering your ad campaign make sure you spend as much time, effort...and money...on creative vs. free.

If you would like to see all of the rankings from USA TODAY here you go.




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