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What Makes You Stop?

We've been in the world of advertising a very long time and Alaska Fish Signalways fascinated by what gets a consumer to stop...pause and consider a product/service. 

Countless print, radio and television ads have been created over the years and, we believe, the most effective are those which are simple and easy to understand.

Here's an example of what we think...works.  This is some signage posted in a grocery store near the fresh seafood section.  It was produced by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute promoting their industry.  Great photography and a fantastic headline, "Before you cook up a storm, we weather one."  Nice and it caught my eye.

There are others.

Mad HousewifeHere's a POP display for the wine Mad Housewife.  Funny and you can't miss it.  (However we would have opted for ONE sign rather than the two used here...but it's clear they are made to stand on a single case.)

The bottom line here is that great images and great copy can go together to win the attention and get a consumer to stop and...consider the message. 

For those of you who are still committed to loads of copy and all kinds of confusing images (think yellow page advertising or some newspaper ads) good luck.  Chances are very good the consumer is blowing you off.





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