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What one person finds "funny" may very well prove to be cruel and insensitive to others.  It's always been that way but, up until the world of social/new media few people had the opportunity to respond and call a company on being...dumb.  KGAN Bears Horses

Welcome to the new world where you need to be careful, very careful when you're a company hoping to appeal to the masses.  Here is a prime example:  Television station KGAN CBS 2 based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa thought it would be "cute" to post on their Facebook Page an image of two bears riding two horses and then have viewers caption the image.  Trouble is the image pissed off a bunch of people...including us.  Not so much because the image is a slap in the face to the thousands of folks who are "animal lovers" but because it's just...stupid.

Sure, this will cause a stir and, perhaps, that's what the management of KGAN CBS 2 want...but we doubt it.

Why bring on a problem that you could have avoided?  We dunno, perhaps you have an answer?




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