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Social Media Club of Des Moines

Over the years I've made lots of friends in the world of new/social media. MPL SMC March 2013 Some are practitioners of the craft others are business people who value the personal interaction of communication. The Social Media Club of Des Moines is one of those gems that keeps popping up in my life.

Started several years ago the group continues to be a mega-networking opportunity for folks who love new/social media in all forms. 

This week I had the pleasure of presenting "Five in Twenty-Four - Five things a business can do in just twenty-four hours to improve sales and marketing." For those of you across the country who have seen this presentation we've added some personal stories at the front-end.  It helps, I believe, in making a solid connection with...friends.

"Five in Twenty-Four" came from a realization that often a speaker gives to his/her audience some lofty ideas but, when faced with a busy life, those ideas get put off and then forgotten. This presentation is different in the fact that it's intended not to overwhelm business people with too much information.  The intent is to have business choose one, two or three projects they can accomplish in just a few hours but can have a major impact on consumers.

Fun...and thanks again to the Social Media Club of Des Moines for the opportunity to share practice new stuff. (Photo - Brent Isenberger Photography)



If you would like to connect with a comment here, feel free.  Or let's get together on Twitter @InsightADV and our advertising agency Facebook Page is right here. Thanks for coming by.