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The QR Code Controversy - Are They Dead?

Recently B.L. Orchman wrote a piece for Ad Age Digital with this
headline and tagline: QR Codes Are Dead, Trampled by Easier-to-Use Apps - New Technology Can Make Almost Any Product Interactive, No Download Needed." Whew!  That would make you think investing in a smart campaign that correctly uses QR Codes might be a waste of time.  But hold on there...all is not as it seems. QR Code Video

The article makes a big deal out of how new technology can make products "come alive" by simply "touching your smartphone to a product".  Trouble is...each of the tech items mentioned requires a download.  And, because there are three different technologies highlighted...that is three downloads. (Never mind that the tag line says you don't need to do.)

QR Codes are far from "dead".  While many consumers still have not figured out what they are and how to activate them, QR Code use continues to increase.  And, if you are smart about explaining what they are and how to use them they will make a difference in driving traffic to where you want consumers to go.

BTW one of the downsides of an app is that you, as a business, have the cost of creating the app and then marketing the app to consumers whom you HOPE will take the time to download your nifty new contraption.  Meanwhile, out side of some proprietary code readers, a QR Code reader is free and so too is the conversion from a url to a QR Code.  One and it's done.

So, before you order flowers for the funeral it might be a good time to re-think QR Code use.  Need some help?  We're here.

If you want to read the Ad Age article, here is that link.




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