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What Do You Do...

when no one seems to be listening? Shout louder?  We don't know but we're finding out, quickly, how many business people don't pay attention

Three times in the past week we've met with small business owners regarding any number of things from how to do social media to web development to creating a mobile version of an existing website.  Three out of three said, "We'll think about that..." and went on doing business like nothing has changed.

We find it...amazing and a little frightening that these folks prefer to let their competition win while they...exist.

For a refresher:

Social/New Media is not going away.  Daily there are new and exciting ways to enhance your brand by sharing who you are with those millions of people who are connected.  Again, it is not always free because it takes time.  Time that many business people say they don't have.  Sometimes it's easier to spend $500 to $800 a month on Yellow Page advertising...we guess.

The 1999 website is old. What happens when a consumer goes to a website and has a lousy digital experience?  They don't come back.  We wrote about this years ago (2009) in a post about a consumer study.  What part of 97% don't folks understand?

"65% of the respondents said they had a digital experience that either enhanced or diminished their opinion of a brand. Hint:  If you have a first generation website or lacking information or something that  Good luck making that impression. Mobile graph

Of that group that had a digital brand experience, get this:  97% said their experience influenced if they would purchase the product or service.  Yep, 97%."

Mobile delivery is of your brand is critical. As this graph shows mobile searches will outpace desktop searches in the very near future.  Like this year.  Do you honestly wish to be out of touch and unavailable? 

We, frankly, don't get it.  We've considered the fact that many business people simply don't wish to grow.  They already have enough business and they are willing to stay with the status quo. 

Odd...but it may be a fact of life.

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