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Networking in Silos?

This past week I've gone to several networking events.  Some formal like the Social Media Club of Des Moines and some very unstructured like SMCDSMCentral Iowa Bloggers.  Three interesting thoughts:

Networking for Business - Networking does not always mean business but these events do stimulate the thought process as we interact with friends in person rather than digitally.

Networking Silos - Just like neighborhoods the networking events I've been to over the past week are populated by...the same core group of people.  Sure new people pass in and out but, for the most part, these gatherings are places where we see many of the same folk. If you are shy and withdrawn sometimes it's hard to make new friends/connections.  Reach out and introduce yourself.  

Original Networking - I belong to two Chambers of Commerce. These, I think, are the "original networking events".  Friendships are made but the "talk" is vastly different. The events that are dominated by younger independent business people are peppered with one idea after another and creativity seems to be the topic of discussion.  When I go to a chamber event it feels different.  The conversation is friendly, supportive but not very "creative".

My point in all of this is to urge you to branch out and go to different networking events where the conversation and "feel" are not always the same.  Who may pick up a golden nugget of wisdom.



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