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Best Advice - Blogging & Patience

As a small business owner you need to understand that blogging isn't like Man Funny keyboard buying a series of radio, television or print ads.  In other words, blogging isn't "advertising".  Sure, blogging will help your business by pushing up your Google Ranking and blogging will, maybe, help you sell something but it's not as instant as traditional advertising.  And, for the small to medium size business owner patience is in short supply.

"So, what good is blogging if you don't actually sell something?"  It's a great question and we hear it often.  Here are three reasons not to lose patience but continue to share content through the blog:

  1. Find Me! - Blogging is another form of marketing which helps search engines find you and your product/service. If you keep at it (three times a week for three months) you'll start to notice your website visits and conversion rates increase.  Why...because folks can find you and your site.  Think of it as "home-grown SEO";
  2. Who Are You? - Blogging allows you more "voice" beyond the "About Us" page on your website.  If you stick with it your "corporate yet personal" voice can be heard loud and clear.  How does your company think and what do you think about your business, your city, your products/services;
  3. Be Creative - Words are fine but share video, images and perhaps a podcast. Remember YOU are the expert about your business and that personal connection can mean lots to consumers seeking an authority.  And, when you are "creative" with you blog it becomes less work and


Easy for me huh?  Nope, I understand that it can be tough but sticking with your blog and having the patience so do so will pay dividends along the way.  We''ve seen it happen too  many times.



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