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Sending Folks to the Competition...

The other day I was visiting with a sales and marketing professional who works in a very competitive industry.  He was calling on a perspective client, learning how they approach the marketing their product. Man Pointing Away

When the discussion came to "leads" the perspective client said, "This is the email I send out to individuals who have contacted us and want more information about our company."  The form email said, in part, "If you would like to see photos and find out more information please go to..." and at the bottom of the note were two live links to national websites that specialize in this industry.  No, not THEIR website...but sites that contain nearly every competitor in their business.

My friend asked, "Why would you send your leads to the competition?"  The employee had a "blank look" on her face and said, "Because it helps me get leads!"  My friend answered with, "But, Susan, you already have the lead in your hand.  When you send the person to a mega industry site that has nearly every competitor also vying for business your begging them to look elsewhere."

She still didn't get it.

Sometimes business people don't "get it" and just because they have always done something the same way, over and makes it "right".

The question needs to be asked, "What changes can you make in your marketing/advertising methods that will improve your chance of closing the sale vs. sending your customers elsewhere?"




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