The Power of Local
Slow Down - It Matters


The recent storms that have been a daily event here in Central Iowa has Disconnected Rope played havoc with our connections.  Email, Internet Speed, Facebook, Twitter have all seemed slow...or not working, in the case of email, for most of the weekend.

We're not alone.

I read a Facebook Post from a friend who said, "The surge protector for our television got zapped and we're not plugging in the TV until we get a new one.  Now to figure out something for our kids to do."

Never before have we been so "connected" yet so "disconnected" from people.  And, if you treat your business by using only digital input, we think you'll lose touch with reality.

There is a filter on digital communication that isn't usually present in face-to-face conversation.  Email filters out facial expressions and voice tone.  Social Media swings with the "instant mood" of the individual praising or complaining...or just plain whining.

We think it's better to augment the digital conversation with real, face-to-face time with consumers and customers.  It might take a little longer but the return on your time investment has the power to re-connect us all in a way that can pay huge dividends.

What do you think?  Is it time to communicate?




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