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The other day I was having coffee and a chat with a friend about One Trick Pony advertising and marketing when I was introduced, by another friend, (see I have at least two) to a fellow who "specializes in social media advertising".  I decided to "play dumb" (not difficult at all) and hang on his every word.

"Yes, social media is the answer to advertising and marketing" said my excited new friend.  "Our firm doesn't even have a website.  Why would we? Facebook advertising is where it's at." 

"WOW", I said.  "So this social media stuff trumps newspapers, television, magazines, billboard and direct mail?"

"Oh yes", he said.  "And, Facebook trumps them all!"

I asked if his firm uses Twitter on behalf of his clients. "Oh yes!  We have a number of interns who Tweet for our clients so the client can focus on doing business and not have to be bothered actually doing the social media."

I mentioned I had heard of Twitter and also heard it was far better to have "organic" tweets rather than having the work outsourced to a third party.

"Nonsense!", he nearly shouted, "The important thing is to get the message out there."

I wish I had more time to learn about this new "social media stuff" but I had to run on to another appointment.  I did, later, look up this fellows professional profile and...

If you hold yourself out to be the savior of small business you might want to be in the loop.  Not long ago I warned you about a "One Trick Pony" little did I think I'd bump into one.  When somebody tells you they have "all the answers" to your marketing dilemma, two words:  Buyer Beware...




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