It's Hard Not To Be Snarky...
Who Controls Your Brand?

Phone Calls - You Get Them Too?

We suspect there is an easy way to discourage these things like a "Do Not Woman Call CenterCall" list.  But we didn't because we enjoy getting them and learning how these long-distance "resellers" work.

You know the drill, "Hello!", says the chipper voice.  "I'm from Century Link and may I speak to the person who handles the account?"

Of course the tip off is...if they really are Century Link they would already know who handles the account.

So, we sometimes listen for a few seconds to the standard pitch and then ask, "So, are you a reseller or are you Century Link?" 

Pause...  "We work with Century Link to reduce your phone service costs."

So, you get these too?  What's been your tactic?  Just wondering.  They keep doing it so something tells us some of you...bite.  Want to share?



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