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Slow Down - It Matters

The other day we were walking through the flower department of a local  Home Depot when I spotted this sign: Proven Winters

Go ahead, take your time...

Yep "Proven Winters" and it seems that three dollars will get you ten dollars...  That's better than the casino.

So why post this?

We all get caught up in "hurry up".  The client wants ______ tomorrow by noon so somebody rushes and there is an error.  Or rather than do a really good job at proof-reading we skim it and...we end up with "Proven Winters".

Proven WinnersSlow down.  Spend the time and energy to work the project.  If you are a business who hires an ad agency don't demand "great" and then give an unreasonable deadline.

It never works out well.

BTW...we really do like Proven Winners...nice logo.



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