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Explainer Video & Business

Let's say you have a product or a service that needs some...explaining. Man Question  Maybe your an attorney or a software company or a dog food company that is trying to stand apart because your product/service is different (in a good way) from others.

What's the best way to grab the attention of consumers, make it fun and convert web-page-visitors to buyers?

Explainer Videos, we think, is the answer.

For years we've encouraged our clients to use well made videos that helps get their message across of who and what they do.  It's been our experience that while many business owners and marketing managers like video (they watch TV, look at ads, go to the movies) they often discount the ROI of video on their website.

Now along comes this piece of information: Back in 2011 Rypple (changed to commissioned an animated video to better explain what the company does and how purchasing their product can improve human resources efforts of their clients.  The result? The short "explainer video" increased their "conversion rate" to 20%.  Up from the industry standard of 8%.  30% of the page visitors watched the video and 50% of them watched the entire piece.

Here is an example of an "Explainer Video":


But, there is more...

According to a recent study about web use the average attention span in 2012 is 8 seconds!  That is DOWN from 12 seconds in 2000.  We now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish...which is 9 seconds.

Time is wasting.  What are you doing on your home page that engages your potential customers?  Need some help?




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Making Sails...

Here at Insight Advertising we subscribe to a regular advertising blog called Old Ads Are FunnySail Maker 1869That's what advertising people do for fun...we know...sad huh?  The other day one of the old ads was an 1869 ad for E.L.Rowe, Sail Maker

Why share this with you?

Our good friend Mike Wagner likes to share the story about why some stuff doesn't sell.  He says there are three reasons:

  • Wrong Infrastructure - Old factory, old distribution, old manufacturing process;
  • Wrong People - Nice folks doing jobs they can not or should not do which inhibits growth;
  • Wrong Product - Consumers have moved on and they just don't want what you make.

Pretty good description which pointed to Mr. Rowe's business model that, no doubt, was pretty good back in 1869 as he made "wagon covers" and "sails".

The question for you is, "Are you making sails when your customers have moved on to _________?"

How do you know and what's your next move?  We think it's a good lesson.



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Are You An Agnostic?

I was listening to a report on NPR and the person being interviewed said Man Questions something about his work, "I'm not going to be agnostic about this." BAM!  That got us to thinking about business and how sometimes owners, managers, workers are "agnostic" about what they do.  They really do not believe.

One of the things we decided on years ago was that when we work for a client we would dive in and be an actual extension of their matter the size.  We had seen how agnostic some could be about their work and and their clients and we wanted to be different.  It's what drives our decisions.

How about you?  Where are you in the belief system regarding your job?  Your business? Your marketing and advertising?  Do you push forward because you have a strong belief in what you create or...not so much?

It's something to think about.




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Make It Fun Again...

It was a discussion I was having with our son Aaron about the business Man Clown Make Up of advertising and marketing.  On a drive to Randell, Iowa we were visiting about a perspective client who made the decision to...not make a decision regarding a working relationship with our advertising agency.  It bothers me a great deal when business owners/managers/marketing directors "think" they can continue to do the same thing and expect better results.  Sometimes I show it.

"What you need to do is get back to making your business fun again", said Aaron.

He's right.

I wonder how many of us just keep turning the wheel and find little "fun" or "excitement" in what we do.  In my world "creative engagement" is what makes our work fun.  Finding new ways to boost a clients business through consumer awareness is not only challenging but  And when a client or perspective client is "just turning the wheel to get by" no longer becomes a challenge.

So, yes.  Time to search out business people who really want to move forward and wish to become aggressive with their marketing.  That would




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Responsive Web Design - DWebware

Last week I got a call from my long time friend Andy Priestley regarding Dweb new signthe new things going on at DWebware.  For full disclosure, we've used the services of DWebware for as long as they have been in business.  We've done this because they are a great local based business that never, ever, talks down to their clients.  And they are honest and helpful.

So, when Andy says, "Come on over."  I'll make a call. (Besides they always have the best candy sitting around.)

We sat down with Andy, Jordan and Jennifer and went through the Responsive Web Design tour which also incorporates heavy Social Media Interface.

Impressive and some huge take-a-ways:

  • Call to Action - Are you using your website as a billboard or are you trying to sell a product/service?  If you are in business to sell something include a call to action on your home page.  Seems simple no?
  • How Do You Look? - Can I use your website in mobile applications?  Does it scale correctly? Does is the "flow" of your site seamless?  Welcome to responsive web design.
  • Social Media Interface - Sure you can encourage folks to "like" your page but do you allow visitors to share your blog with their tribe and is the placement of those sharing icons correct?

Dweb new conferenceBesides the education we got to peek at their swanky new conference room and bold paint colors.  Hey...ya gotta be pretty too!

We're been honored to have been with DWebware for the past ten plus years and hope to work with them more.

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Does Your Business Belong on Facebook?

Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications and our answer to the Facebook Question:

The answer to that question is a sound..."Maybe!".  Like all advertising   FacebookLogo and marketing decisions you need to examine your goals and know your consumer before you head into Facebook Land.

For example if you are selling regional fertilizer products to farmers or concrete to builders a Facebook Page may not work out well for you.  The universe is simply too small and the interaction less than a mass market consumable.

We know of several small "Mom & Pop" bakeries that have thrived on Facebook and consider the social media channel their "very best form of advertising".  We also know of several organic fertilizer companies who also have had outstanding Facebook results.  

Why?  It's not a secret that females dominate Facebook interaction with women accounting for 72% of Facebook users and these users tend to have a higher income stream than users of other social media outlets. It's then not surprising that bakeries do better than B to B concrete companies.

So, some key points to consider before you spend time on Facebook:

  • What is Your Goal? - Is it sales, brand recognition...what do you want to accomplish?;
  • Be Realistic - Unless your business is already a well known and respected brand don't expect to go from zero to thousands of "friends" in a few weeks.  It will not happen;
  • Budget Time - Just because Facebook is free does not mean it is "really free".  While a small business can build and maintain a Facebook presence know that you'll need to spend about an hour a day interacting with your friends.
  • Graphic Ideas - Spend some time with a graphic designer to build out your "look".  This is an extension of your business so make it look nice;
  • Is Your Customer Here? - It's a simple question that you've got to know before you launch.  If your core customer isn't here...why spend the effort?

Bottom line is that Facebook is not the answer for everybody but if it is, and you should know, it is a great way to interact with consumers who become your...friends.




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