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Does Your Business Belong on Facebook?

Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications and our answer to the Facebook Question:

The answer to that question is a sound..."Maybe!".  Like all advertising   FacebookLogo and marketing decisions you need to examine your goals and know your consumer before you head into Facebook Land.

For example if you are selling regional fertilizer products to farmers or concrete to builders a Facebook Page may not work out well for you.  The universe is simply too small and the interaction less than a mass market consumable.

We know of several small "Mom & Pop" bakeries that have thrived on Facebook and consider the social media channel their "very best form of advertising".  We also know of several organic fertilizer companies who also have had outstanding Facebook results.  

Why?  It's not a secret that females dominate Facebook interaction with women accounting for 72% of Facebook users and these users tend to have a higher income stream than users of other social media outlets. It's then not surprising that bakeries do better than B to B concrete companies.

So, some key points to consider before you spend time on Facebook:

  • What is Your Goal? - Is it sales, brand recognition...what do you want to accomplish?;
  • Be Realistic - Unless your business is already a well known and respected brand don't expect to go from zero to thousands of "friends" in a few weeks.  It will not happen;
  • Budget Time - Just because Facebook is free does not mean it is "really free".  While a small business can build and maintain a Facebook presence know that you'll need to spend about an hour a day interacting with your friends.
  • Graphic Ideas - Spend some time with a graphic designer to build out your "look".  This is an extension of your business so make it look nice;
  • Is Your Customer Here? - It's a simple question that you've got to know before you launch.  If your core customer isn't here...why spend the effort?

Bottom line is that Facebook is not the answer for everybody but if it is, and you should know, it is a great way to interact with consumers who become your...friends.




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