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Explainer Video & Business

Let's say you have a product or a service that needs some...explaining. Man Question  Maybe your an attorney or a software company or a dog food company that is trying to stand apart because your product/service is different (in a good way) from others.

What's the best way to grab the attention of consumers, make it fun and convert web-page-visitors to buyers?

Explainer Videos, we think, is the answer.

For years we've encouraged our clients to use well made videos that helps get their message across of who and what they do.  It's been our experience that while many business owners and marketing managers like video (they watch TV, look at ads, go to the movies) they often discount the ROI of video on their website.

Now along comes this piece of information: Back in 2011 Rypple (changed to commissioned an animated video to better explain what the company does and how purchasing their product can improve human resources efforts of their clients.  The result? The short "explainer video" increased their "conversion rate" to 20%.  Up from the industry standard of 8%.  30% of the page visitors watched the video and 50% of them watched the entire piece.

Here is an example of an "Explainer Video":


But, there is more...

According to a recent study about web use the average attention span in 2012 is 8 seconds!  That is DOWN from 12 seconds in 2000.  We now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish...which is 9 seconds.

Time is wasting.  What are you doing on your home page that engages your potential customers?  Need some help?




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