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Make It Fun Again...

It was a discussion I was having with our son Aaron about the business Man Clown Make Up of advertising and marketing.  On a drive to Randell, Iowa we were visiting about a perspective client who made the decision to...not make a decision regarding a working relationship with our advertising agency.  It bothers me a great deal when business owners/managers/marketing directors "think" they can continue to do the same thing and expect better results.  Sometimes I show it.

"What you need to do is get back to making your business fun again", said Aaron.

He's right.

I wonder how many of us just keep turning the wheel and find little "fun" or "excitement" in what we do.  In my world "creative engagement" is what makes our work fun.  Finding new ways to boost a clients business through consumer awareness is not only challenging but  And when a client or perspective client is "just turning the wheel to get by" no longer becomes a challenge.

So, yes.  Time to search out business people who really want to move forward and wish to become aggressive with their marketing.  That would




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