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Making Sails...

Here at Insight Advertising we subscribe to a regular advertising blog called Old Ads Are FunnySail Maker 1869That's what advertising people do for fun...we know...sad huh?  The other day one of the old ads was an 1869 ad for E.L.Rowe, Sail Maker

Why share this with you?

Our good friend Mike Wagner likes to share the story about why some stuff doesn't sell.  He says there are three reasons:

  • Wrong Infrastructure - Old factory, old distribution, old manufacturing process;
  • Wrong People - Nice folks doing jobs they can not or should not do which inhibits growth;
  • Wrong Product - Consumers have moved on and they just don't want what you make.

Pretty good description which pointed to Mr. Rowe's business model that, no doubt, was pretty good back in 1869 as he made "wagon covers" and "sails".

The question for you is, "Are you making sails when your customers have moved on to _________?"

How do you know and what's your next move?  We think it's a good lesson.



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