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Good Enough to Eat?

One of the things we do at Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications is create packaging for our clients. It's more Tide Pods Packaging than just slapping on some text and a photo it takes time, research and some talent to create a design that consumers gravitate toward.

Sometimes it works too well.

Proctor & Gamble Co. has had to redesign the packaging for Tide Pods because (ready?) were eating the detergent.  It seems that poison centers had seen an uptick in the number of calls saying kids had ingested pod detergent products made by various companies.  Why?  Because the packaging made them look like candy...right down to the container that resembled a candy bowl.

Now that is packaging!

When the products started appearing on the shelves we thought to ourselves, "Great packaging but it looks like something to eat!"  Funny nobody at P&G and other firms noticed.

The new packaging will be opaque and the pods from P&G will be less "colorful" in an attempt to dissuade kids from popping a pod in their mouths.

The power of packaging...




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