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Insight on Business - Radio Broadcast Launch

For the past several years I've hosted a web based news show with a focus on advertising, marketing and business.  The platform has been over at Webcast One LIVE and it's been a fantastic experience. Here is a sample:


Early this year our firm, Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications, was hired by the City of Urbandale to write and produce interesting content revolving around the slogan, "Uniquely Urbandale".  During the past several months we crafted news stories about diversity, taxes, infrastructure and international trade.  The result, no media outlet within the Des Moines Metro took a sniff.

That led us to the conclusion that the business community and economic development doesn't rate high on the list of priorities for local news outlets. Save for the occasional Iowa Economic Development Authority story the news about the business of business...small, medium and large doesn't exist especially among broadcasters.

MPL KRNT 1 WEBWe're changing that...

Insight on Businss the News Hour will debut in August as a news and information program on 1350 KRNT and air Monday - Friday between 5PM and 6PM offering listeners a full hour of business and economic news spanning the Des Moines Metro and surrounding area.  Interviews, stocks of local interest, news stories...all on the air and on the Net.

We could have sat around and grumbled that there is a lack of interest in our economic drivers.  However, seeing that there is a lack of service compelled us to find a way to deliver the news that grows the metro.  Joined by our producer Peter Tarpey and technical director Jimmy Olsen I'm confident we're in for a great time.

Thanks for your early support and encouragement.