Good Enough to Eat?
Smells Like....

"It's, like, really cool!"

We were sitting in a business meeting the other day when a young lady Social Media Hands was explaining her business to the folks sitting down for lunch. "Oh, we do all sorts of things including social media work for our clients. Social Media?  You don't know?  It's, like, really cool!"

And the assembled folks nodded in agreement. 

Trouble is I know most of the people in the room and fewer than 10% of them use any form of social media for their business.  What is the disconnect?

Age & Time.

The young lady who was speaking represented the 25 - 30 year-old demographic.  Her audience was made up of people 45+ who are not afraid of social media...they just don't get it.

That's not a's reality.  For many business owners something that is "free" is not valuable and, after all, social media is...."free".

Sort of...

In our experience most small businesses have very little of the capital it takes to become truly engaged in social media.  That capital is...time.  So rather than invest in the learning curve, which can be steep, they make the decision to stay with what they know which is 1) Word of mouth; 2) Buy Google Ad Words; 3) Use traditional media.

So, how do you break that mold?




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