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Long before Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications I had a Garlic Bunch July 2013 hand in...farming.  For real.  Born and raised in Detroit the journey to the farm field was...different.  Once settled in we raised cattle, hogs, chickens, corn, hay and a two acre garden.

But we never, to my memory, grew garlic.

Last fall we went to Farm Crawl 2012 and picked up some "Hard-Neck Garlic" seed bulbs and promptly planted them.  Now what?

This spring I asked our friend, organic farmer, Larry Cleverley of Cleverley Farms, "OK Garlic Scapes 2013now what?"

He told me to make sure I cut off the "Scapes" once they emerged. "What's a garlic scape?"

"The little flower stalk that emerge in June.  When you cut that off it sends the power to the garlic bulb." (The "scape" is the little bulb to the left of the garlic "fruit".)

So, I tried it and damn if Larry wasn't right.  Here is a photo of the difference between a garlic bulb that did not have the scape cut off (r) and one that did.  I like to think of it as my "control plant". Garlic Size 2013

I did not know about growing garlic...even though I had been a farmer.  I asked an expert and he told me the what to do.  It's sort of like advertising and marketing.  Most business do it...but do they really know....how?  Guess when you want to go from small to big...ask an expert?




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