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Using Video...Well

Years ago I met Karen McCullough as we were "joint speaking" to a group in Florida.  I have followed her career as a public speaker and she has done very, very well.

The other day I got an email from her company pointing me to this nifty video about "technology".  Here, take a minute and have a look:


We passed it around the office and the resounding response was, "Very cool how they used great edits to add interest to the video."


Karen McCollugh screen snapThat's the difference.  You can put up a video and drone on and folks lose interest but when you professionally weave various elements, change the angle and use sound. It works...well.  This is what happens when you employ professionals to help build your brand and we love it.

One other thing:  Karen uses email marketing to push her brand.  Here is a screen grab of her recent July news letter.  What we like about it is she uses few words, keeps to one point and offers up some action steps.

Once works.

Some good ideas for you and your business and, if you're looking for a speaker for your next event try Karen.  Here is her site you won't be sorry.




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