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On Monday our guest for Insight on Business the News Hour was international speaker Karen McCullough  who said something that we've Karen Speaking web known for a very long time.  "I've  been doing social media events for five years and I've come to the conclusion that while business owners/managers are curious about using it to boost their business; in the end the vast majority are simply not going to use it"

She's right...

We too have been on the Social Media Speaking Circuit for years...and it's nearly always the same reaction: "Wow, this is great stuff! But, I don't have the time to do it and I'm not a computer wiz.  Besides who cares?"

It's a real "head-shaker".

Give a business person the ability to actually communicate with his/her current and perspective consumers at a price that anybody can afford and...nope.  "Ain't gonna do it!"

Even though some small businesses are doing a superior job and we can prove the ROI.  Folks like:

  • Cafe di Scala - @CafediScala where they tweet 5 to 8 times a day and have a very active Facebook Page.  Both with thousands of followers/friends;
  • Yummis Bakery - Based in Grinnell that uses Facebook as their major source of advertising and it works...big time;
  • Urbandale Chamber - On Twitter you can find them @UrbandaleChmbr.  They joined in 2009 and over the past two years have been on fire with social media tweeting many times each day and have a Facebook Page with 1,400 likes and both are used to share chamber news & information;
  • Annie Haven - Female rancher who manufactures all natural, premium soil conditioners from...manure @GreenSoil on Twitter with dozens of conversations each day and 11,000 followers whom she interacts with;
  • Domestica - A small indie art/craft store @ilovedomestica and right here on Facebook with over 3,000 likes.

We could go on and on...about success stories and people who have taken the time to plan their social media marketing and have done a fantastic job.  And if you don't believe us...go ahead ask them.

But still...we go about the business of sharing the power yet it's "Nyet!" for so many.

We just don't get



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