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Celebrating A New Month!

October 2013Insight on Business the News Hour with Michael Libbie has been on the air, broadcasting the business news of the Des Moines Metro, for over a month! Each day M-F we bring you the news of the small, medium and large businesses of our communities along with interviews of news-makers and business people. Our broadcast partner is 1350-KRNT, Des Moines.

This week we've got a number of scheduled interviews:


Leisa Fox is the Vice President for Membership of the Iowa Association of Business and Industry. We'll visit with her in the first half-hour. Then Kyra Jacobson and Taylor Thomsen from the start-up White Willow Events join us after the stocks and ag report.


Creighton Cox from the Home Builders Association of Greater Des Moines. Then, Laura Gaulke is in to talk about the upcoming social media class at DMACC.


State Senator Jack Hatch will visit the News Hour followed by Chris Coleman who will visit about the Beaverdale Neighborhood Project.


Aaron Hoffman comes in to talk about I/OWA the tech and start-up conference coming to Des Moines this month. Then Rick Davis from the Rick Davis Team talks home-ownership.


Tom Welchans is the president of the Iowa Junior Chamber of Commerce. They are in town for an annual meeting.

Join us for the business news and interviews all this week. Should you want to join the conversation before, during or after the News Hour log onto Twitter we're @IoB_NewsHour and we monitor our feed before, during and after the broadcast. And, for some of the back-story of the News Hour head to our Facebook Page for photos, video and more.

Insight on Business the News Hour - What You Doing?

Insight on Business the News Hour with Michael Libbie is our Monday - Friday broadcast about economic development, business news and  KRNT Photo interviews with news-makers. We're live at 5PM just after the CBS News on 1350-KRNT, Des Moines, Iowa. Connecting with us is easy, on Twitter it's @IoB_NewsHour and we monitor that stream before during and after the broadcast.  If you use Facebook and want to connect to see some of the "back-story" from photos to videos just click right here.

Today, along with the news, Wall Street Journal Report, Stocks of Local Interest and the Report from Agriculture we're packing in several "rapid-fire" guests with their stories.

In the first half hour we welcome Jason White from the Warren County Economic Development Corporation.  We're going to talk about the ground breaking that went on today as Warren County welcomed the expansion of C&L Industries. 

Also in the first half hour we've got Gunner Olson from Des Moines Area Rapid Transit (DART).  It's been several months since DART moved into the new transit building and rearranged some routes.  We'll check on the progress and ask how business is going.

Then a conversation with our friend Alexander Grgurich who is TEDxDM.  They recently had a successful event and are planning some new items in the near future.  Alexander and...TEDx.

We'll also visit with Rick Davis about how to finance the "big dream".

Those stories, the news and more today at 5PM on 1350-KRNT, Des Moines.