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The Lowest Bidder

Let's say you are a membership driven a chamber of Woman Bidder commerce and you're going to have a company build out a new website.  Of course you take bids and, in the end, you accept the lowest bidder.  The problem is folks that use mobile devices can't use your site because it's not responsive.

And it's not like you didn't know.  Because you were told, several times, that close to 50% of website usage is now from smart-phones.  People trying to access web pages using Android or iPhones.  Several times.  However, you chose to ignore the advice and accepted "the lowest bidder".

In the end you drive away consumers, customers and people who are trying to use your site to connect with your members didn't listen and accepted the lowest bidder.

Maybe accepting the lowest bidder isn't such a good idea.



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This Week on the News Hour

Insight on Business the News Hour with Michael Libbie: Each day, along IOB_RGB web 1 with the business news of the Des Moines Metro and some marketing tips we bring you interesting interviews with news-makers, business people and entrepreneurs during the only hour-long business broadcast in the region.  We're local and live Monday - Friday on 1350-KRNT starting at 5PM Central.  Here's the guest list for this week:

Monday - We're talking about the economic development impact that visitors to the Metro create with Greg Edwards of the Convention and Visitors Bureau.  Then we're talking start-ups and female entrepreneurs and more with Tom Swartwood of Drake University.

Tuesday - We welcome John Hale to the studio to talk about aging resources in Iowa and the work he does to fix some nasty issues.  We then switch gears and visit with Stephen Wilkie-Shapiro about the rehabilitation of some historic homes and buildings and the economic impact that has on the community.

Wednesday - Gordon Fisher is the Vice President of the Des Moines Community Foundation we'll talk about its mission and what you need to know about this great charity. Then in the second half-hour we welcome Chuck Kuba of Iowa Diamond.  He's got an interesting business model and we wanted to learn more.

Thursday - Our friend Ralph Rosenberg of the Iowa Environmental Council comes to the studio to talk about Iowa issues and what they mean to the economy and his work in addressing those issues. 

Friday - We lighten the load on Friday with Steve Mathews from the Radio Garage of Urbandale.  We're talking about a business that has grown and where they have lots of "fun".  In the second half-hour we make welcome our friend Chaden Halfhill from Silent Rivers a design and build company that rocks.

Those guests and the business news of the Des Moines Metro, daily, at 5PM on 1350-KRNT. And, because we know you can't always listen on "our time" we've created a podcast page where you can download the news interviews via desktop, laptop or mobile.

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What we learned last week...

Last week we nearly made a dreadful mistake.  We're a few months away Man Surprised from a new product launch for a client and they needed a brochure.  Not wanting to be boring we encouraged the client to move away from a standard looking brochure and do something unique.  We were told, "That's fine I just need it to fit in a #10 envelope."  We wrote it down and design started in.  But everything looked boring.

Then one of the team members asked the pivotal question, "Why does it have to fit in a #10 envelope?"  So, we called the client and asked the same question. After some thought the client said, "Well, it really doesn't. Mailing brochures isn't something that we do very often."

Disaster averted and we're now well on our way to creating a unique point-of-purchase item that will get noticed.

What did we learn? It's always best to think through the project.  While we wasted little time our mistake was to not follow through with a simple question..."Why?"


This Week on the News Hour

Insight on Business the News Hour with Michael Libbie airs each day at 5PM, Monday - Friday on 1350-KRNT, Des Moines.  We're here to share the business and economic Studio Images Oct Week 1 development stories of the Metro along with bringing you interesting guests and business advertising/marketing tips.
The photo here is a peek at who visited with us this past week.
Here's a quick look at the lineup for this week:

Sam Kreamer & Bradley Neal from the Kreamer Law Firm we're talking business and the law. Tony King is in to talk about mobile apps for business.

Glenn Lyons from the Downtown Community Alliance about Des Moines and later we'll talk iJAG with Darron Kitterman and friends.

John LaMarche is in from Venture Net and then a small business owner, Tricia Rivas to talk...small business.

Hollie Askey from the Warren County Economic Development Corporation to give us an update on what's happening south of Des Moines.

Mike Pace will join us talking broadcasting and books...he has a new book out and we'll share details.  Then small business owner Amber Cahill is in to talk fitness and pole dancing. Honest.